Monday, May 28, 2007

Asia DownUnder

I've kept this real quiet for a while now coz I think it's rather embaressing and it's been made into a bigger deal than it really is. However, I know that most would disagree with me. And I know that if I didn't say anything, especially to those living offshore, when they eventually found out I'd get a complete bollucking.

So, here goes...If you remember me telling you about dad and myself winning a joint award, our local TV 1 got hold of that story and decided they wanted to feature us on one of their programs-Asia DownUnder. Well, they did the filming last Wednesday and it will be screening this coming Sunday, June 2.

If you are at all interested, tune in to TV 1 @ 8.30am on Sunday. For those not living in NZ, you are able to watch it on their website. If you are watching on the website, give it a few days to a week for them to upload it.

Hope you enjoy it... :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Melbourne, HERE I COME!

I'm going!!!! I received a much awaited email on Thursday saying that they have approved my visa application for my trip in 19 days (and counting) time.

I'm so excited...This is truly an answered prayer. Thanx for all your prayers too.

I really can't believe it. It still feels so surreal. Never really thought this day would come.

I don't think it'll hit m til I actually get on that plane and it leaves the tarmac.

It's gonna be an extremely crazy and busy 5 days filled with very very hard work and a truck load of fun! I can't wait...

Now I just have to hang out til May 31...

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Celebrating my 100th post with some masterpieces

I'm half way through my 2nd term at uni and it's been going well. I've been surprising myself with what I am now able to do more and more as we tackle new recipes. Must say, I am definitely a little more patient now when it comes to attempting new pastry recipes.

So to celebrate me finally getting to post number 100, here are some of my latest masterpieces...Enjoy!

My gingerbread house:

Fully iced fruit cake:

Mazipan roses: