Monday, January 19, 2009


Today I received, what I think, is a beautiful quote from Jonathan...

"Cooking is a language through which all the following properties may be expressed: harmony, creativity, happiness, beauty, poetry, complexity, magic, humour, provocation and culture."

...And this is why I do what I do.

It is by no means a glamorous profession but I wouldn't trade it for the world! I love it despite the long hours. I love it despite the crap pay. I love it despite being is almost constant pain from a stuff body. I love it despite the often crude comments/ conversations that go on around me. Most of all, I love it because it is a gift I have been blessed with and it puts smiles on people's faces.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Xmas/New Year/Life as it is...

Rewinding to life after my last Dec post...

The remainder of my holidays were good. I was invited to lunch with the Powell's which was great. It had been a while since we last had a meal together and so our time together was def one that I really appreciated. And as always, the food was fab!! There's never a bad meal in that house...

That same weekend I was invited to go white water rafting with Heidi, Brent, Josh, Rachel & Jo. Seeing as it was the last time I'd be able to do something crazy with Josh, I decided that I'd give work a miss and head down to Kaituna with the lot. I must initial thoughts were rather positive. I wasn't stressed or worried. Even when we got there and got kitted out I was rather calm and excited. The crazy thing is, the only time I felt nervous was just before we left Auckland. Why and over what? Well, as we all arrived at the Bowlin's that morning a thought suddenly entered my mind..."Here's me, an introvert, spending an entire day with a bunch of extreme extroverts!!!!". Stupid, I know...but nonetheless, I survived and had the time of my life. (Photos are on facebook, so check them out there. I'm still having issues with uploading photos on my photobucket page. But I will get there soon.)

The following week I was house sitting in Sandringham. Since I'd been given time off til after the new year, I decided I'd utilise the facilities in the house to it's full extent! It had a woodfired oven. So I had a pizza party cum farewell for the Bowlin's on Boxing Day. It was great...About 25 ppl turned up and it was a fab time of fellowship.

For New Year's Eve, I was able to have a bbq with some friends. I really enjoyed it and def appreciated the fact that I was actually able to do so. The previous year, I was working! Not impressed... After dinner we headed to Devonport and watched the fireworks from the waterfront. It started the spit a little during the drive up but it cleared off when we got there and stayed dry for the remainder of our time there. It was sheer bliss...

On New Year's day, I spent it at the beach. The day was absolutely gorgeous...What more can I say; beach and a beautiful day = perfection

The following few days consisted of me sorting myself out for another of house sitting back at Sandringham and also getting ready for work. Yes, I've started work and I LOVE it!

The second week of house sitting was extremely timely as work was only a 5mins drive away. So I was quite pleased to have been asked to house sit again.

Work...well, where do I start. We started by giving the place a little bit of a clean down on Sunday. That only took a few hours so that was nice. On Mon we got stuck into our prep with whatever little produce we had to work with. Needless to say, it wasn't a very long day as there wasn't much to work with. By this time, the prospect of having to open our doors on Thurs was really starting to freak me out!!! Tues was another not so long day, though it was still slightly longer than the previous day. More prep, but still not enough. Again, Jean freaking out even more!!! Wed was our opening nite, where my boss had invited a whole bunch if friends, family, suppliers etc etc that have helped got the place up and running. It went alright; free food and alcohol generally go down well with the punters. Still we were WAY behind in our prep for the following nite's big opening to the public. Man was I in a state and a half!!! Thurs must have been longest day of the week by far. I pulled a 16hr shift that day...Considering our prep situation at the beginning of the week, our first nite was pretty good. It def could have been better but for what we had to deal with earlier in the week, we did well. The remainder of the week was def much better and we were all able to finally breathe a little.

My boss is brilliant; a nice guy in and out of the kitchen. He's just a straight up, no bull shit kinda guy but in a really nice way that doesn't make you feel 6 inches tall. My other work mates are really nice too. So it's def been a good start to this new job and I'm really starting to feel like this really was a good step forward.

So we all survived the first week, though business was a little slow. But we're hopeful that things will start to really pick up and start to buzz. Despite the lack of sleep, I am in good spirits and as long as we all remain as nice as we were to each other this week, I'll keep loving the work!

On other news, I've noticed that I'm really beginning to enjoy my own space and time to be alone. Having had the last 2 days off and spending it mostly on my own, I actually haven't hated it. Of course I would have loved to have spent some time with some ppl that I haven't been able to see for ages but that's besides the point. I went window shopping on my own on both days and on Monday I was able to use a gift voucher I received as an Xmas prezzie. I got 3 books and still have money left!!! I went on a walk on both days, on my own and prior to the new year I'd also gone on a couple of walks on my own.

It'll still be nice to get into a proper routine soon though. I'm def hanging out for that; work to settle down and get into a rhythm, getting back into yoga and having set days each week that work for both Moni and I and just life in general. I'll very much feel like myself again when that happens...til then, I guess I'll just have to learn to cope and grow in that experience. :)

Monday, January 05, 2009

Chef of the Month feature article

I will post a proper New Year post in the coming weeks but here's the article I have been feature in...

Just this week, I started my new job at Two Fifteen Bar & Bistro. We officially open on Thurs, Jan 8 so it's currently a little manic and extremely busy. So when things settle down, I'll be able to update everyone on my adventures the few weeks prior to Xmas and into the New Year.

But til then, I hope you all had a fab Xmas and New Year!!! Here's to a great 2009...