Friday, April 27, 2007

Once in a lifetime

I still can't believe I'm writing this post!

Yesterday, myself and another girl from class were asked to stay back after class coz our lecturer wanted to have a chat with us. My immediate thought was, "Oh crap! What have I done now....". But I was wrong!

We were hand picked by the uni to go to Australia (either Melb or Sydney) for 5 days in June. ***Unfortunately, that is all I can say for now because we have been told it is confidential.

I guess the reason why I am so stoked is the fact that I was hand chosen but also that it is praticaly a free trip! All expeneses paid for-accomodation, flights, meals, transportation even $400 just for helping out. I get a free trip to Melb and an extra one for the year...

However, the only thing stopping me from going is a lovely thing called a visa. As most of you know, I was not allowed back into Asutralia for 3 yrs since the day I left. Even though my 3 yrs are up, there is still this seed of doubt that I may not get it approved. So I would really appreciate your prayers about this...

Aside form really wanting to go back to Melb and see my friends, this trip is also a once in a lifetime opprotunity and may open doors for me for when I eventually head back to Melb to settle.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Off duty

This has been long time coming. As of May, I am officially relieved from chow duty. I am excited, apprehensive, relief all in one. It's something that has been on the agenda for a while but couldn't really happen as at the time, cession had just made their big move to our own building. And the last thing chow needed was to start from scratch with a leader saying goodbye. So we decided that we would hold off on the decision for me to let go of that position til later.

"Later" eventually came a few weeks back while Melissa, Juanita & I met for a leadership development session for me. It actually happen so quickly that I wasn't really sure if I was comfortable about the decision we made. But since then, I am quite happy with our decision.

I was getting quite over feeling so pressured about chow paperwork each week. The challenge of 'running' chow was gone. It became more of a job. So I guess it was a wise decision.

SO what will I be up to now? I've been put in charge of anything food related for he slightly larger scale events that cession runs-things like Sunday nite cafes and marriage course meals etc etc.

This is probably a little more up my alley. I'm looking forward to a few years of being part of this ministry. After that, we'll see what happens. The first event I have to organise is already fast approaching. No rest for me...beter start planning! :)

Long overdue

Yes...I have been slack-not updating etc. Unfortunately, I just seem to be getting busier and busier each year. I know that often it is by choice but sometimes I really don't understand how I can be busier and more swamped with paperwork when I seem to not have taken on anymore. ANYHOW...

SO this post is definitely long overdue. About late mid March, I received a rather unexpected call from my Program Leader (AUT) at a very peculiar hour of the day-8pm! I answered the call in a rather worried voice as Glenys informed me that she had a back log of stuff to do and I was on that list of things to do. I'm thinking, "Oh crap! What have I done wrong now to receive a phone call at this hour?!". But much to my surprise, it was actually to inform me that I had won an award for the previous academic year that I was enrolled at AUT. And to add to the won the award too! Yes, we were joint receipients of this award! A first for AUT...

So off I went home and told dad about it. He was quite pleased, too. And her I was thinking that was that and looking forward to the awards ceremony.

Then the next day, I received another call from Glenys saying that news got round AUT and dad and I were making local celebreties of ourselves-AUT communications dept wanted to do a write about dad and I winning this award. So I said ok. I guess it wouldn't do any harm.

Long story short, we had an interview and photos taken. Here are some photos and a link to the article.

*I tried to put on some photos but I think the files were too big to be able to uploaded. I'll try again later. Enjoy the article anyway.