Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Turning 22

Another year, another birthday and another year older! I had a great birthday this year. It's not often that I do anything in the form of celebrations but this year I decided to have some friends over for my birthday. My actual birthday was pretty low key but I did have 2 birthday dinners-one, a surprise and the other I cooked.

For the surprise dinner, my friends from uni spoilt me with an 8 course meal!!!! I was SO stuffed (excuse the pun). It was awesome though...

Then for the dinner I cooked, I had about 15 ppl over and dad and I made quite a good amount of food. It went down well and everyone seemed happy. All in all it was a brilliant nite and a great birthday.

*Being able to have so many ppl over wad due to the fact that mom was away in Melb for a BSF retreat!!