Monday, December 15, 2008

peace/joy/good things and more...

I sit here contemplating Brent's sermon from last really struck a chord, a good chord. As I reflect on the weeks that were, it truly has been one of joy and comfort.

Prior to finishing up at uni, I didn't have a job lined up. I was of the assumption that I'd def have a full time spot next year with the current place I've been at for the last year. I did, however, know that whatever was to happen (beit get a new job or remain at the current place) that I'd have no proper income for the remainder of the year. So as the end of the term rolled around, I was hoping that I'd get told that I'd have work next year and I needn't fret bout money etc. After lenghty discussions if was evident that a full time spot at Merediths was far from my reach.

I was a bit disappointed but not to the degree at which Jean would normally be. Funnily enough I was very much at peace about my job situation despite the constant bugging from my dad to look for a job!! So when full time work at Merediths fell threw I was very much in the mind set of "It's ok, something will come up in due time". This was prob bout 1 week after I'd finished up.

The following week, my dad received a phone call from his previous boss asking if he was still keen to work for him at his new restaurant. The conversation went back and forth and eventually, as much as my dad would have loved to commit to this job he couldn't. with that...lo and behold, I was offered the spot! I was stoked. It couldn't have come at a better time, just when I was about to start looking at job ads and sending CVs through!

It is important to note that for every proper kitchen job I've ever had, I have never had to gripe for work. I've always had the privilege of either being called up and asked to work for a chef or been recommended to other good chefs. This, along with many other factors, has affirmed my choice to be in this industry. It's been exceptionally comforting to know that I have made the right career choice for me and that I will be truly happy doing this for a long time coming. I def see this as a blessing, to do what I want to do for me.

I have so many friends that unfortunately have to pursue a career that they may not necessarily want to or enjoy but have done so because it is expected of them. I really am grateful that my parents are so exceptionally supportive of what I do (though that def took quite a lot of convincing!).

Over the past 2 months I've also had the great honour of getting to know a very amazing lady-Monique (you would have read a little bout her in previous posts). She truly is a beautiful person inside and out, genuinely nice and wants to really know you. Now, to get a better understanding of her personality...just think Jean but wiser! Crazily enough we are very alike and it's been a very good learning curve for me to almost be an observer of 'me'. Interesting and scary also describe this experience. All in all it's been a good time and I really enjoy every minute I spend with her. I always part from out little get-togethers feeling very refreshed and enlightened.

The pinnacle moment of this period of, dare I say it, Sabbath! came about just this past Friday. (I apologise in advance for those reading this blog that don't have a clue what I'm about to talk about. I have my reasons and will not delve into details re this matter. To those who do know what I'm talking about, plz just share in my joy and you are welcome to talk to me about it face to face but I need it to stay away from the cyber world. Ta). First, I received a letter from a certain government body with news I'd been dying to hear for sometime and there it was!!! It made my day...I didn't think it could bet better but I was proven wrong! Later in the afternoon, I receive an email from some random publishing company for Inghams Chicken asking me to fill out a questionnaire as they want to feature me in their Jan issue as Chef of the Month!!!! I couldn't believe what I was reading...Apparently they got my details from NZ Chefs Association , which I am part of. My only guess is that some of my tutors have been saying good things about me and hence passed on my details...Oh the joy!!! Getting all this good news was just great going into the weekend and I'm still on a real high....

As I've made my way through the season of Advent and now heading into Xmas, it really has been an amazing time of reflection and also a way of acknowledging God and His hand over my life. I admit that I am quite often rather useless at taking time out for me and being with God and I have been extremely grateful for these past few weeks as it has allowed me to do just that.