Saturday, July 14, 2007


I know for the past year or so I've been rather with keeping up to date on my blog. Unfortunately, blogging does require a little too much brain power for my rather meagre brain. Therefore blogging has become an activity that happens only on odd occasions.

I'm currently coming to the end of what was suppose to be a 3 week holiday in between semesters. However, as most of you would have already guessed by now...Jean didn't have much of a holiday. Over the 3 weeks, I worked a total of 2 weeks full time whilst house sitting the entire time.

I had a great time house sitting. It's the second time I've house sat at this particular house-the first time over last X'mas and New Year. It was really awesome to have my own space and be able to have people round at my own discretion. No parents nagging and I could choose to go home whenever I wanted. Travel time to work was significantly reduced, which made it a lot better.

Besides from working, I did do a lot of eating. Actually...WAY too much eating. I'm going on an official fast when I start back at uni on Monday. The 'foursome', as I call us (myself and 3 other friends from uni enjoy our food a lot), spent a lot of time together over meals-cooked by ourselves or out at restaurants. We also spent quite a lot of time at the place where I house sat just chilling with card games, board games etc. Definitely helped to have stuff to look forward to doing after having been at work.

I also had 2 assignments that were meant to be done over these 3 weeks but they were left to the absolute last minute. Naughty me! I had 4 parts to be done and I must say...I managed to get them all done over 2 days. Not sure how good they are but they got done!

So it's back to uni on Monday and I'm SO looking forward to it. I was quite over holidays after the first week. I know you think I'm crazy but I think we established that a long time ago! We start on our bread module, which will go for about 4 weeks. I'm so excited and can't wait. This term is also the start of competition season for me. I will be competing in the AUT Toque d'Or team. It's a National competition that is being held at the ASB Showgrounds in about 7 weeks time. I am excited yet nervous bout it. I guess the prospect of the competition being 7 weeks away and that we haven't had any training nor have I met my team is rather nerve racking for someone like me.

Hopefully we'll start training the minute we get back. That'll definitely make me feel a little better. I'm gonna try to make it 2 trainings a week as oppose to 1 a week...Sounds like the Jean you know?

These past 2 months have been going a little better for me. I think the trip to Melb early June was something I really needed. And for it to happen despite all the hoops I had to jump through is truly a blessing. I came back from that in higher spirits. I'm definitely still far from feeling 100% but I'm getting there. Let's hope that it only gets better from here.