Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a long time since...

...I last posted. Yes, I know I have been rather slack. But seriously, give me a break!! :) Seeing as the end of the year is fast approaching and I am going away for 3.5 weeks, I figured it was a good opportunity to reflect on the year that was.

But where do I even start?? I guess the beginning of the year would prob be good...

In Jan I started another full time job at twofifteen. We opened in early Jan and it's been a great year. It was my first job where I was part of an entirely new operation getting everything setup from the ground up (an experience in itself). This also meant that I was working for a new boss, something that I'm sure most ppl find rather nerve racking, and I was no exception. As the year went by and we got to know each other better, it has proven to be the best move/ decision I've made to date. We get on like a house on fire and I couldn't ask for a better boss. I look forward to going to work each day along with the banter that comes with it. (I guess it wouldn't be hospo if there was no 'piss taking'). All in all, a great year it has been-for the business in general and for my career. Most def looking forward to what next year might hold for us.

Aside from running, I've managed to get copious amounts exercise back into my schedule. I took up dance as an extra curricular activity to keep me sane towards the end of last year and am glad to have kept it up this year. It was nice to be part of more than just 1 dance in the year-end show but also to be able to help out with the girls from the younger group. If this year is anything to go by, next year will be bigger and better!!! Í'm still going strong with yoga, though not as often as I used since starting pilates as well. SO yes, the old Jean is most def back with a vengance.....fitting in crazy amounts of sport/ exercise on top of work.

This year also marked 5 years since I left Melb and moved across the ditch. As most may know, it was a choice I made begrudgingly. However, as years have gone by it is def becoming a little more like home each day and this year has proven that.

Earlier in the year, a friend reffered me onto a physio-friend of hers and it turned out to be the greatest thing ever. For starters, I finally found an amazing physio practise, bioSPORT, along with INCREDIBLY down-to-earth and talented physios/ biomechanist/ business owners. Secondly, we finally figured out why I've had a sore back for as long as I can remember and have been able to keep it under control. Most of the time, I am fairly pain-free!!!!! Thirdly, I found a long lost friend...Through pure coincidence, a friend that I used to do gym with back in KL when I was prob bout 8yrs old, happened to be apprenticing at this physio studio. It was pretty incredible to see her and reconnect with her again. Fourthly, believe it or not...I started running, off road running. For someone that hated running to now voluntarily hitting the trails and loving it...pretty amazing, I'd say. And lastly, the relationships I've made with the staff at and through the practise. An incredibly talented yet down-to-earth bunch of ppl!!

With this current being only my second full time stint, it was also a year of self discovery; it was by no means easy and even now, I'm still juggling church, work, social life and various other activities. One thing I've def gotten better at this year is making sure I give myself enough 'me time' and what better way to do so then by heading to dance, yoga, pilates or hitting the trails with other mad ppl...

This pretty much sums up the year I've had...not very exciting but it was good to take some time to reflect. It has been by no means been an easy year but has most def been a GREAT year! As for next year, I will continue to work at

twofifteen . I am currently waiting to hear as to whether or not I will receive an educational grant. I don't hear about it til Jan 30 so I'll post about it when I receive the news, either way. In terms of plans to return to Melb, there are no current plans. It is one of those things that will happen when it happens and I'm rather comfortable and at peace about it.

So til the next post....have a safe and fabulous festive season. Italy, HERE I COME!!!!


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A great year indeed. Looking forward to 2010! Reading your Italian posts with jealousy!!!