Thursday, December 31, 2009

Italy so far

After a ridiculous amount of flying and transiting, we finally made it to Italy. First stop was Milan. Didnt get up to much there apart from trying to get over jet lag so we pretty much slept the arvo away after Jean did a major stuff up at the train station. (Will go into more detail when Im back). The next day we set off to Verona, home of Romeo & Juliet.

First day in Verona was again, spent sleeping off jet lag. The next day we ventured the streets of Verona and spent a good 5-6 hours walking visiting the various sites/ monuments of the city. The main arena was my way to feel extremely tiny!!!!! Other highlights were the mandatory Juliets house and the Roman theatre. Pretty awe-inspiring. A day and a half in Verona was our stay....

Next day, ie today, we left Verona for Venice. We got in mid arvo. Once settled, we hit the streets for some dinner. The atmosphere is rather festive, left over from Xmas and in preparation for the NY celebrations.

Food so far has been pretty good. Nothing to say 'wow' about but we have only had 1 rather below par meal (which was in Milan). I also had my first gelati tonite...pretty yum! Can't wait to try the local 'vin brulee' which we are guessing is mulled wine.

Anyway, best be off...til the next update!


Steve Goble said...

Don't get sunburnt.

jeanie said...'re hlarious!!! if only i'd saw some sun...haven't seen the sun in 3 days...hope you're well nd had a good xmas. happy new year

Bronwyn said...

Happy New Year Jean!!
I hope you have a great time in Venice. I actually thought it was overpriced and nothing special food-wise, but I loved the little alley ways, the canals and the shops and market stalls. Make sure you pick up some Murano glass.

Wish I have got to Verona :( Will love to see the photos :)


The Old Geezer said...
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jeanie said...

hey mrs o,

i'm def diggin the alley ways. food hasn't been bad at all actually. our worse meal so far has been in milan. that conbined with the major stuff up i had at the train station didn't help. anyhow, i won't get round to uploading photos til i get back....

and happy new yr to you too!!!